A Mothers Strength


My family is often the "lab rats" for any ideas, assignments or other hair brained schemes I have. Usually its my kids, but sometimes I require an older, more cooperative subject.

In January, I participated in a creative workshop. My first assignment was to photograph my dream shoot. It was, winter in Alberta and my dream shoot would be in the mountains, not indoors. But, you work with what you're given, and this idea was born. 

In October 2015, my sister lost her husband. Her high school sweetheart, the father to her two children, her soulmate. It was devastating. 

Now, my sister raises two teens all on her own. She never complains or feels sorry for herself. She is hardworking, selfless, faithful...an amazing Mom.  And through some miracle she still laughs, she still has joy. Bryan would be so proud. 

Here is our storytelling session...a story of the strength of a Mom.

(And...its my very first blog. I hope you enjoy it!)

<3  Bree