52 week Self Portrait Project - January 2019

For 2019, I have committed myself to a 52 week self portrait project.

Honestly. I thought self portraits were vain. And I worry that other people will also think I am vain for doing them.

But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Self portraits are cathartic. They help me to accept myself for what I am, and not what I’ve told myself I am. They’ve fostered a self love, and an acceptance that I’ve never had before.

After avoiding the camera, I have no realized that there is a 10 year void in our family photos…and that void is ME. I am missing in them all. And that is unacceptable. My kids won’t care if I was a little too plump, a little too wrinkled, or a little too frumpy. They will just want photos of me.

So 2019 is the year I give some memories of me, back to my kids. And if that makes me vain, then so be it.

So here is ME. Mom, wife, artist. January 2019.

Bree Friesen