52 week project - march 2019

This month I was working on an online self portrait course, so 3 of 4 of these portraits were for assignments in the course. They all mean something to me, and are shot to be emotive and make you feel something. Well except for the photo in the trees, that was just to celebrate my pretty new Reclamation dress! haha!

I am most proud of this bathtub portrait. I have been trying this shot for a couple years now, but it has never turned out how I imagined. With lots of added self portrait experience, I finally pulled it off, and I love it. It was not an easy shot to take. I love photos that tell a story & make me feel something. And this one speaks volumes.

It is not my goal to ever photograph anything traditional.

I could take typical (normal) photos, I just don’t want to.

xo - Bree

Bree Friesen