Planning your outfits

I offer styling services. We shop online together to put a magazine worth look together for your family!

But if you wish to go at it alone, I’ll share some tips!

Begin with the most difficult person to dress, this is usually Mom! Plan all the other outfits around that person, remembering to coordinate colors, textures and patterns. Subtle patterns mixed & matched is ok, but bold patterns should be kept to a minimum. And, please avoid large logos on clothing.

Keep in mind the photographer you are working with! This one loves fall colors, neutrals & warm tones, and I find these colors to compliment my work! I also love a classic look, bohemian, and modern.

Color suggestions: red, burgundy, rust forest green, brown, tan, cream, gold, orange, blush are some of my favourites.



I LOVE to see Moms arrive in dress. It gives us so many great opportunities to add motion, and drama to your session. Dresses are also very flattering in camera! And to answer your concerns, YES!! It is ok for you to dress up while your significant other wears jeans!


I do offer a private collection of dresses,and twirling skirts for you to use for your session. They are available in various styles, colors and sizes. If you’d like to see my collection, just ask!

I am also very excited to offer my clients the use of my Reclamation dress. It is a beautiful vintage lace bohemian styled dress. It is adjustable for sizes xs to x. It even fits pregnancy bellies! See photo below!